We are at Selgros!

We are very happy and proud to inform you that you can now find our excellent Damak Food products at the popular Selgros Cash&Carry wholesale chain outlets.

Selgros’ extensive range of food and industrial goods is specifically tailored to meet the high requirements of its clients. The wholesale outlets offer a wide range of fruit and vegetables from proven suppliers from Poland and abroad. You will also find excellent quality meat products there, including Damak Food kebab.

The cooperation with Selgros will make the tasty Damak Food products even more easily accessible and therefore – even more popular. We are extremely happy about this because our goal is not only to promote the Brand, but above all to popularise oriental cuisine, and kebab in particular.

Our aim is to reach not only clients from the catering industry (we already work with many of them), but also the individual customers. We want everyone who wants to eat a perfect kebab to be able to prepare it at home on their own. And we want them to do it with little expenditure of time and effort, as well as money – because good things do not need to be expensive.

This is why the Damak Food range – also available at Selgros – includes dishes for home cooking. They are the perfect choice for a family lunch, a dinner for two, or a meeting with friends. We particularly recommend our cooked kebabs – all you need to do is heat them up and you can eat them. And if you’re keen and like to do – you can choose kebabs to prepare yourself (especially recommended for restaurant owners):  chicken or beef kebabs.

Of course, all of the options are of great quality and at excellent prices.

So we encourage you to visit Selgros outlets, find and buy our tasty kebabs.

Enjoy your kebab!



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