Around the kebab for 15 years!


We have been on the market as Damak Food for 15 years. During all these years we have been doing our best to make our product – the kebab – better and better. 

This is why we take care of the way we produce, we modernise our plants. We also invest in production volumes, increasing them with each passing year.

We obtain certification and currently boast IFA, BRC, EKO/BIO certificates. Thanks to our efforts, the Damak Food brand is becoming more and more recognisable and it enjoys recognition in more than 30 countries worldwide.

We are committed to ensuring that every lover of delicious food finds something to suit their taste, which is why we offer both chicken, beef and lamb kebabs; products in packages ranging from 450 gr to 2 kg (baked) as well as ready-to-eat products – marinated in special spices and sauces.

And enjoy your kebab!




+48 22 86 80 982

Al. Krakowska 66 05-555
Grzędy, Poland