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Our company, which was founded in 2010 on the production of doner kebab and meat products, is maintaining its production works in 3 different points of Poland.


Our company, which was founded in 2010 on the production of doner kebab and meat products, is maintaining its production works in 3 different points of Poland. Damak, as one of the largest manufacturers of doner kebab in Europe thanks to its taste, naturalness and production quality, is increasing its brand value every day.

The secret of Damak products is that it combines the traditional method with the modern industrial style production in high quality hygienic conditions. Our products are exported to all European countries and provide a great contribution to the Polish economy.

Our precooked ready-to-use products are frozen one by one at a temperature of -40 º C through Individual Fast Freezing technology. The contribution of this high-tech freezing system is great in the taste and quality of our products. We reach to our customers by maintaining the naturality and taste of our products through our advanced investments.

We continue our brand investments without stopping by opening stands in the world’s major food fairs every year. While it is easier to reach our potential customers through these fairs, we also conduct product evaluation interviews with our existing customers. We develop our product range with our special R & D team with the feeling of need for technological and product-based innovations.

We are investing in robotic technology in our new production facilities built in accordance with the European standards. We quickly produce healthier products while increasing our product range through these technological investments.

Our vision!

With our precooked goods prepared for both wholesale and retail sectors, we pay attention to the phenomenon of “halal” in the products we produce as a preferred brand in Europe. By paying attention to the sensitivities of consumers, we have a vision in our R&D studies like to produce new products according to regional tastes. In a word, we are trying to ensure the development of the precooked meat sector in every region.

Our mission!

As one of Europe’s major brands in the field of Precooked Meat & Doner Kebab, this success is not sufficient for us. We always want to develop more delicious and more practical precooked meat products. Knowing that time is precious for everyone, whether they are young or old, we will always aim to provide convenience in restaurants and family kitchens.

Practical tastes by Kebavita!

You will be hearing much more about our Kebavita brand, about which we have accelerated our works in 2018 under the umbrealla of Damak. Our Kebavita brand, which we accept as the gold ore for the ready-to-eat sector in Europe, is almost a representative of precooked doner kebab business. As the time is precious in these days, especially in winter days, you will be able to appease yourselves at home with our practical products of Kebavita. We are changing the perception of ready-made food in Europe with our precooked doner kebabs and other precooked products. You will be able to buy our Kebavita products in small packages through the markets of Europe and all over the world thanks to our extensive distribution network.

Our Sense of Quality!

  • Healthy and Halal Production
  • Environment-Friendly Understanding
  • Technological Production
  • Fair Competition
  • Transparent Product Contents
  • Fair Attitude
  • Responsible
  • Sustainable Communication

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