Delicious meal in the hands of a master chef

The world-famous döner kebab, a jewel among Turkish dishes, can be transformed into a delicious and nutritious meal in the hands of a master chef. In order to determine the quality of a buttered döner kebab with its complex taste, served on pita pieces, there are several things you must consider.

Your döner kebab can be made with mutton, lamb, chicken and beef or even turkey or a mix of all of the above meats. One of the most important tasks is to properly balance the amount of salt and butter added. It is recommended that döner kebab, which will gain its full flavour by being roasted in a wood-fired oven, should be served in very thin slices to unleash its secret power to incite a person, who has just eaten a full plate, to order an extra portion of at least half that size.

Döner kebab is cut into thin slices.

Master chefs know exactly how to prepare döner kebab, which becomes harder as it cooks, and serve it in thin slices. The dish, cooked in its own sauce and offering a pure taste of meat, ranks first among our national dishes. It always makes its way to the podium in both categories: as fast-food and main dish, as it is popular, loved and consumed by people all over the world.

Döner kebab can be found in all European cities and you can find lovers of many of its various forms everywhere. It can be served on a plate, as a wrap, on a slice of bread or in a sandwich. You can add different sauces and vegetables to it as it easily adapts to the tastes of people from all over the world, it blends easily into new culinary landscapes. It is filling, and its taste will turn your head.

Döner kebab meets the daily nutritional needs and contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, which means that mums can serve it to their children with a clear conscience. It turns every single family meal into a true feast. Döner kebab is prepared from pure meat, without any additives, and it is baked only with herbs and salt. It is a meal on its own and it can be eaten without any side products.

However, we cannot forget that tomato sauce, melted hot butter, pita, yoghurt, fries, grilled tomato or aubergine are sometimes served with döner kebab as side dishes.

Damak company prepares its döner kebab while observing hygienic rules and using the work of master chefs.

The döner kebab prepared by Damak is the result of work of master chefs, who follow strict rules of hygiene. Our wide range of products tops the list of favourite dishes of kebab lovers. Damak is one of the largest manufacturers of döner kebab in Europe. Thanks to the wide range of meat products prepared in our plants: from beef to chicken and from turkey to lamb, we rise to the heights of taste. A large variety of döner kebabs marinated in special herbs and sauces can be safely stored in the freezer, so that the taste of kebab can appear on our tables and in restaurants at any time.

Damak Food, being Europe’s best manufacturer of high quality delicious kebabs, delivers the dishes currently available in its offer as well as will provide brand new dishes in the future. Damak will continue to do its best so that the connoisseurs of good taste could meet and enjoy the national Turkish dish – the döner kebab.



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