We are very happy and proud to inform you that you can now find our excellent Damak Food products at the popular Selgros Cash&Carry wholesale chain outlets.


We invite all our readers to get acquainted with one of our flagship products – Bereket. It is a chicken thigh kebab, made with 100% poultry meat. You will find it in packs from 5 kg upwards (up to 100 kg), and on special request we can also offer larger packs. The delicious kebab from […]


We have been on the market as Damak Food for 15 years. During all these years we have been doing our best to make our product – the kebab – better and better.  This is why we take care of the way we produce, we modernise our plants. We also invest in production volumes, increasing […]


The world-famous döner kebab, a jewel among Turkish dishes, can be transformed into a delicious and nutritious meal in the hands of a master chef. In order to determine the quality of a buttered döner kebab with its complex taste, served on pita pieces, there are several things you must consider. Your döner kebab can […]



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